365 dating benicio dating del toro

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In accordance with the conditions and requirements of subsections (a) through (d) of section 119, a national application shall be entitled to the right of priority based on a prior filed international application which designated at least one country other than the United States.

He also went on a date with Chandra, who works as a sweeper.Thus, the Sophist Libanius and the church historian Sozomenus appear to conflate the great earthquake of AD 365 with other lesser ones to present it as either divine sorrow or wrath—depending on their viewpoint—for the death of Emperor Julian, who had tried to restore the pagan religion two years earlier.On the whole, however, the relatively numerous references to earthquakes in a time which is otherwise characterized by a paucity of historical records strengthens the case for a period of heightened seismic activity.The scientists estimate that such a large uplift is only likely to occur once in 5,000 years; however, the other segments of the fault could slip on a similar scale—and this could happen every 800 years or so.It is unsure whether "one of the contiguous patches might slip in the future." Historians continue to debate the question whether ancient sources refer to a single catastrophic earthquake in AD 365, or whether they represent a historical amalgamation of a number of earthquakes occurring between AD 350 and 450.

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