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(1971), the older woman-younger man paradigm has been a topic of cinematic curiosity.However, it wasn’t until the term “cougar” emerged 25 years ago that the relationship gained a more public profile.Its CEO, Claudia Opdenkelder, is a self-identified cougar who has publicly accused Google of sexism for deeming her company’s ads not “family friendly.” Regardless of Google’s view, the first International Cougar Week was held in 2011, a year after the Miss Cougar Canada competition sent its 48-year-old winner on a cruise for the presumed purpose of meeting a desirable cub.There are some signs that the term cougar is losing some of its stigma.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.I've never found myself romantically attracted to a male Libra, even before knowing about the general lack of compatibility.

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They often have beautiful illusions about love that are very refreshing.

Also he has no baggage from too many relationships. The drama that comes with dating an older man often plays out like a Mexican soap opera that is never ending.

If you are still a doubting Thomas look at Hollywood stars who have made it work and look sexy: The legendary Tina Turner is 75 and her husband is 59; Gabriel Union is 42 and her husband Dwayne Wade is 33; Eva Mendez is 41 and her man Ryan Gosling is 34; Cameron Diaz is 43 and her husband rocker Benji Madden is 36. The first and most important reason is that dating younger is the secret of youthfulness. A man in your age group will either make you look older or simply like your right age (boring), while marrying and older man will make you look way older.

Plus a younger man is (wink wink) innocent and naïve in the nice kind of way.

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