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Dear friends, Online international dating has become more sophisticated and challenging.Men who expect to just post a picture and a short bio to get the attention of Russian and Ukrainian brides will be...Dear friends, Yes, seriously dating a Ukrainian or Russian woman can be a thrilling, fun and fulfilling experience.However, at the same time, the best thing is that dating means opening yourself up to...One night I was at Fashion Club in Lviv with my Italian friend Andrea. Please talk to her friend for me.” I looked down at her. (Guys, some expats may tell you that Russian is “more practical,” but when you speak Ukrainian to the right girl, you’ll hit her linguistic G-spot.) After some small talk, she whispered to me in her sultry voice,“I want to dance.” Gracefully, she extended her legs that were covered in leather pants that had been painted on.(I swear to you that leather pants were invented by a male teenager in the throes of puberty.) Then my ravishing interlocutor stood up, all 1.80 meters of her atop platform heels—she was “80 percent legs” as my Aussie expat friend would say.But it didn’t really matter—because she was just enjoying all the attention.When we returned to join my friend, he couldn’t contain himself, “Teem, I talked with the wrong girl!

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You could feel every guy’s head in the club whipping around as we moved towards the dance floor. And it turned out that this irresistible fembot danced in music videos.

So I wasn’t sure whether to c-block myself with my white-man’s-overbite dance moves, or join the rest of the guys in the club in ogling her.

“The reason not every fantasy should be pursued is because fantasies never have negative repercussions.

Reality does.” – Mark Manson For me, a wingman’s duties in Ukraine rarely have the downside that they had back in the US. I began chatting with her in Ukrainian which made her smile widely.

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