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However, there were also a few snake bites along the way for me too. There are almost no single foreigners in the Philippines. Most of us are over 40 when we come to the Philippines. Some want only cash and if their plans workout you will never lay eyes on them outside of a webcam. Once again, this is a topic where so many will say it is always about the money. Someone actually asked Jessie if he could buy her from me and he was serious. He had a lot of money, he was sitting with her at a Bantayan Island resort when he asked her that. She could have had a lot of money but she told him “Rusty would never sell me.” She even likes the guy. Do I think Jessie wanting a better life was part of the equation with me? Jessie wanted no man when I met her and that was okay with me because I was done with women too. My long distance relationship with a Filipina developed over a year. I know a Filipina that didn’t ever think she would be involved with a foreigner. She says she was never like that but that she never thought she would be with a foreigner.

It is full of amazing beaches and tourist attractions. Even before Europeans arrived to the Philippines, women had a very powerful role in tribal society.

With her family needing money to send her ailing father to the hospital, the girl went with a recruiter thinking she would work as a helper in a restaurant – but ended up as a sex slave in a brothel, servicing as many as a dozen men in a day.

Worse, she was forced to go to extreme lengths to trick customers into thinking she was a virgin and fetch higher pay, describing in gruesome detail how she would insert a cotton ball dipped in (bird) blood into her organ.

The report is appalling, but many people are no longer surprised because this has been going on for so many years – decades even – with news of pedophiles flocking to resorts and other tourist attractions that offer entertainment of an erotic nature.

If one can remember, Pagsanjan – which is famous for its waterfalls – gained notoriety sometime in the ’90s as a “tropical paradise for pedophiles” and was even described by international gay magazines as a place where one can “shoot the rapids by day and shoot the boys at night.” If one were to go by reports from the BBC, the CNN and even local news networks, not a lot seems to have changed since then, with sex trafficking victims mostly coming from the depressed and rural areas in the country.

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