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No way to know what was going on in your boyfriend's or girlfriend's life. Back then, you kind of just had to wonder and feel distant.

Dating someone in search of true love has its own importance and existence in our day today’s life but In this modern world, Technology has boosted dating to a new level by linking the persons in search of true love online via web so the users have unlimited options to choose from with almost no hassles at all.

The process starts with a Facebook login and Tinder will quickly upload your name along with your descriptive data and personal preferences such as age range, hobbies, interests,images and so forth and it will create its own profile.

Now you get authorized to search the appropriate matches near you without revealing your name or identity. For example, if you swipe right,it means you are interested in the person you are viewing at that moment and if you swipe left, it means you have moved ahead for the better one rejecting that person.

This dating app basically make connections through a search based on location.

It allows the users to have a private chat with the people who share similar interests based on your likes on Facebook.

A WIRED investigation, with the support of an American security researcher, found that some of the UK's most popular i OS dating apps are leaking Facebook identities, location data, pictures and more.

The apps we analysed – Happn, Hot Or Not, Tinder,, Bumble, Anastasia Date, Once, Hook Up Now, Meet Me and Affair D – are used by millions of people worldwide.

Like in this scene from the classic film "Swingers" (NSFW language): time.

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Ghosting and Tinder etiquette make dating apps a social minefield, but they can also be a security one.

I'm not going to lie -- life before cellphones was pretty bad. I lived the early years of my romantic life smartphone-free (because they didn't exist yet) and it was awful for so many reasons... But, back before cellphones, if you ever wanted to see someone again, you actually had to get their number.

Like, they'd write down 10 digits, assuming that either of you had a pen, and then you had to be damn sure you didn't lose that scrap of paper or cocktail napkin (because you couldn't just put their number in your phone -- you didn't have a phone). (Life was so boring back then, we were starved for entertainment.) And you whippersnappers today will NEVER have to ask, "Hello, Mrs. " Of course, it was purely a matter of luck whether the person you were anxiously contacting was even at home. Or indisposed in the bathroom (because, unlike Facebook messages or Twitter DMs, you didn't answer a landline on the can).

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