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PBS Interactive History: Colonial Life: EXCELLENT interactive activities which allow you to explore the Colonial Era PBS Interactive History: Meet the Colonists: Click on the pictures to learn more about individual colonists and their lives Colonization of the Americas: EXTENSIVE historical background about the settlers who came to America and their early settlements complete with photographs and images.Included are links to complete explanations about important people, documents, and events Life in the American Colonies: EXTENSIVE historical background about what life was like in the early colonies complete with photographs and images.

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be because you’re too poor to afford new ones), no one wears clothes that are baggy and don’t fit (if they don’t fit, it must be because you can’t afford proper clothes that do fit correctly), no one dresses informally because it looks “cool” (because it doesn’t there), etc.The site is developed to be as easy to use as possible so that you don't waste time that you could spend going on dates and having fun with the singles that you meet off of the site.Their proven matchmaking services and chat features have made it a hit with members and critics alike.) and you’re the one being weird, I’m just telling you what’s socially acceptable and what’s not and why.Just as an example of how this can cause problems, having had this same exact experience related to me by several backpackers who have had this happen in several different Latin American countries: you will get turned away at the door at clubs and even bars if you’re wearing sneakers, or shorts, or a t-shirt (without a nice button-up shirt on top of it), and frequently even jeans, and god help you if you’re wearing 3 or 4 of those. You already know if this applies to you: looking like you just rolled out of Woodstock is fine in most places in the U.

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