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Installing a World of Warcraft addon is easy, you must simply extract a zip into the game's Add Ons folder however, updating them manually is pretty time-consuming, even if you only use a few addons, because you must check if the addon has a new release, then download the new version, extract the zip - all of this manually and for each addon.That's why I searched for a Curse Client Linux alternative that works with the latest World of Warcraft (Warlords of Draenor) and I found a couple of such tools which, even though are not perfect, can automatically update all World of Warcraft addons via curse.com, and I though I'd share them with you.* CRZ sharding – one of the new Legion changes allows zones to attach and break up with other realms in order to maintain a stable population size.

Download and install newest version of Real UI -remember if you already have 7.3, you just need to install the addons from the addon folder.

There may also be pieces of historical Auctioneer functionality that are still broken or which do not work fully or efficiently.

If you experience issues or errors, please report them to us on our forums.

The lines without this prefix specify the files that should be loaded by the client when this addon is run: in this case, the file in the addon's folder should be loaded before in the same folder.

There are a number of "official" (either used by the client or explicitly allowed access to via Get Add On Metadata) tags.

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