Updating oak cabinets rules of dating after a divorce

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When I dug through all of the “before” pictures that I took before moving into our house…..I realized I didn’t have any that captured the old color and look of the cabinets very well. But the picture below gives you a pretty good idea.My father in law is going to give me the HARDEST time for this post. But, my MIL keeps asking my opinion about how to update their home. Listen, it’s not my house, so whether or not they change it is their choice, not mine. Thanks to a new year and a goal to have them all completely finished.Because when we moved into the house almost 2 years ago, our plan was to tear out the cabinets and install new ones. Well, I mentioned to some in the comment section that we were working on staining our bathroom cabinets () to make these bathrooms look so much better.

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I know some of you have been stalking the blog for weeks, so get excited because today is the day you’ve been waiting for. Then, the toppers they built were installed and wood was added to flush out the sides and bottoms of the cabinets. The cabinets were sanded down and the white laminate was added.I usually tell them that I would paint it all white actually , but today I’m going to teach you how to STAIN oak.It is super easy and with the right products, you can have a beautiful dark stained oak in no time.I’m not trying to be mean, but it definitely dates your home, and believe it or not, it isn’t hard to change. In fact, I think it is quite pretty with the amazing wood grains and such.It’s just the honey oak color that screams 1975 that isn’t my favorite.

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